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Den Herder Seaworks is a major international supplier of natural resources from the sea floor; it provides its service in two general ways. It extracts sand from its own assigned offshore areas for direct sale to users; it extracts under subcontract from clients’ areas offering a turnkey service to third-party users. Production includes sand and gravel with treatments like screening and/or desalinating as needed.

Den Herder’s ultra-modern technologies result in products of consistent top quality; its ships can be deployed flexibly with advanced unloading methods. As no external cargo cranes are needed, unloading for the client can be done in several ways:

  • dry unloading with our own conveyor belt on shore
  • wet unloading through a pressure pipe in a depot
  • bottom discharge via bottom doors in a depot
  • transshipment onto other vessels

Den Herder’s primary goal is to provide the best, most efficient service to assist clients in their full-time industries.

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