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To satisfy growing global needs, Den Herder Seaworks extracts mineral resources from offshore waters. Its proprietary oceangoing dredgers, along with their loading and unloading installations, must function continuously, even in heavy weather. Therefore, they are designed and built to meet the highest Classification Society requirements, and can be efficiently and safely deployed anywhere. This equipment is capable of reprocessing large quantities of minerals and transporting them to the client for unloading, dry or wet, on location.

Den Herder’s modern installations extract minerals, screen them to specified particle gradations; they can also desalinate them as required by various industries. They will also supply a variety of sea sand types that conform to the Dutch Building Materials Decree (KIWA BRL 9313). Minerals are also supplied in accordance with applicable regulations in the client’s home country.

Above all, in doing its work with large volumes of natural products, Den Herder Seaworks maintains total respect for the environment in choosing its areas of extraction and handling the materials it extracts.

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