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The family company, Den Herder Seaworks, was founded by Adriaan den Herder, Sr, in the early 1970s. Initially, the company dredged sand from Dutch canals and inland waterways. In the 1980s, Adriaan den Herder expanded the company’s operations and client base, which required extraction of minerals from deeper waters offshore, and development of specialised proprietary equipment to accomplish this important task.

Den Herder Seaworks has since grown to become a principal extractor of sand and gravel in Northern Europe. Its unique dredgers supply industrial clients in England, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and most countries bordering on the Baltic Sea.

Today, operation and ownership of Den Herder Seaworks is shared by Adriaan den Herder’s four sons, who all work aboard the company’s ships.


TSHD Saeftinge

The Saeftinge was a trailer-suction hopper dredger deployed along the North Sea coast of the Netherlands and Belgium.

With the increase of international clients requiring dredging areas outside that area, Den Herder sold the Saeftinge a few years ago, so that a trailer-suction hopper dredger with a deeper suction and higher capacity could be developed in the near future.

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